A line of cannabis products without the smell & taste of “weed”.

 Created by Chef and Inventor Jeff Danzer (JeffThe420Chef), FreeLeaf revolutionizes the cannabis consumption experience to provide a discreet, consistent cannabis experience.

A New Consumption Experience 

FreeLeaf products are made using a proprietary, patent pending process which creates odorless cannabis flower that can be smoked or ingested.  Our products provide a potent, discreet and trusted cannabis experience. FreeLeaf can be smoked without the fear of detection and our culinary cannabis products can be eaten  or instantly be infused into cooking oils, butter or added directly onto your favorite food or incorporated into any recipe. 



Our pre-rolls are made with the finest California cannabis and offer a consistent and potent smoking experience without the cannabis odor!



FreeLeaf pre-rolls are potent and odorless! Our proprietary, scientifically proven process allows us to incorporate delicious flavors to your experience with no additives!  It's nothing short of miraculous!   


Our flavors include Cool-Mint, Lavender, Clove and Caramel Briarwood.


FreeLeaf is 100% Certified and Tested California Cannabis and provides a unique, consistent premium experience.


Our culinary cooking oils are made with the best cannabis and the finest oils. FreeLeaf cooking oils taste just like the oil you're used to cooking with, without the strong "weedy" taste of cannabis.  

"Culinary Cannabis Herbs"

The World's first and only cannabis product that completely mimics the odor and taste of herbs like Oregano, Rosemary and Thyme, but which are 100% cannabis with no additives! We don't use herb oils or mix our products with ground herb. We can't tell you how we do it, but all of our products test 100% clean and potent without any foreign ingredients. 


 Coming Soon!

Experience The Next 
Phase of Cannabis

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